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6 New Year’s Resolutions for the successful event coordinator


1.       Analyze your event data

Just like eating healthy food, you know you should do it, but sometimes data just seems rather unpleasant. However, if you sit down and take a bite out of it, you’ll realize it’s not all that hard to swallow!

Being data driven will help with understanding if the event produced a true return on investment.  It allows for coordinators to better understand which channels are driving revenue verses which ones are not adding to the end goal; thus, allowing planners to make educated decisions on what strategies should be adjusted.


2.       Take 15 minutes a day to learn something new!

Successful people have the understanding that there is an exponential amount to learn which is why they are always intaking new information.  While event coordinators have a packed schedule, taking a few minutes out of the day to grow your knowledge will only prove to benefit. Whether it be a quick blog article, audio book in the car, or podcast while running errands, continue to learn!

Suggested Audiobooks: How to live on twenty-four hours a dayThe Puzzle of Motivation,  Mental Efficiency, The Accidental Creative: How to Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice, Contagious

Suggested Podcasts: EventiconsThe Event Teach PodcastMeetings Podcast


3.       Redefine your event marketing

Event marketing is unlike marketing a product. Events are a time where you are displaying your company in one condensed moment, which requires a holistic approach when marketing. You need to consider the needs and objectives for the stakeholders; everyone from the attendees, sponsors, speakers/presenters, all the way to the staff and volunteers.  Each group has separate points that should be focused and communicated on; strategies should be adjusted to meet each.

Pro Tip - Reflect on what made you get out the house to attend the last event you went to and be sure to remember which events made a lasting impression and why. Apply these results when planning your next event.

4.       Avoid burnout

Quick tips that allow your days to remain consistent as your schedule is rather… inconsistent

Start your day with 10min of calmness. Whether this means taking 10min to meditate with mindful thoughts and breathing or 10min to drink your morning coffee, allow yourself to take a few moments truly to yourself

Eat breakfast BEFORE looking at your emails. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and for coordinates it’s unfortunately sometimes the only meal of the day – don’t engage with the workday until you’ve checked breakfast off your list!  Here you can find the 20 best things to eat for breakfast.

Exercise – even in moderation. Many people have exercising on their New Year’s Resolutions list, however it seems to be the first thing that people don’t continue once it hits February.  No need to go hard and fast, especially when having a stressful position that seems to be at everyone’s beck and call. Consider adding yoga, swimming, or dancing to your ways of exercising so you can enjoy yourself!

SLEEP! Although it seems inevitable as an event professional that sleep is sparse, be sure to maximize the quality of sleep you are getting. An easy adjustment is to be sure you’re devise free 1 full hour before sleeping. Not only does the screen lighting cause sleep problems, but also allowing the daytime stressors into your evening will cause difficulties when attempting to fall asleep. To be sure your devise isn’t a distraction, keep it in a separate room and switch to an old-school alarm clock!


5.       Grow your relationship with vendors

Having a close relationship to your vendors will prove to make your life easier! Take the time to write your vendors a thank you, send them spontaneous treats, or stop in just to say hi. Next time a client needs a last-minute poster printed or they changed their mind on the linen color, not a problem at all!

Tablescapes has been a lifesaver more than once!


6.       Enjoy the year!

Though being an event coordinator is one of the most stressful jobs, it in turn can be one of the most rewarding. Continue planning amazing, engaging, and inclusive events and keep improving your skills this year! When the event gets going make sure you take a moment to be present and experience the fruits of your labor.